I cut people's headphones, forgot Lexi's birthday, pranked Brent literally a million times, and so much was a WILD year! Thank you everyone!


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INTRO SONG: "Ace Of Spades" By Yugo

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  • Thank you to everyone who supported me in 2020!❤️Get ready for an even crazier 2021🔥

  • the ignoring lexi is so sad

  • I know Bailey payne

  • DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone

  • 20:23 ahahah her stuttering because she doesn't know what he said made my day.

  • Lexi thought ben forget about her birthday but lexi almost start crying like for a second ben just feel bad

  • When Ben had the bald cap on he looked like mr. clean😂😂😂

  • 6:06 though 6:10 it was so funny

  • Done

  • Done

  • Lexi said what the heck randomly

  • Done

  • Is it just me or did Lexi Hensler say "please be hurry"

  • ben you should prank your friends saying that you have cancer

  • i came to watch this video again after 5 months and why does dom look so much younger lol

  • Done

  • Lo, that me

  • I know bailey Payne

  • 12:12 and 12:15 and 12:16

  • 13:48 Why were those girls telling the Workers in the shop about the incident? They should have reacted to help pick him up, this was a real social experiment!

  • I am a big fan

  • The French fries would of hurt soooo bad

  • Hahaha!! Hahahaha

  • Lexi Rivera was soo angry at you

  • !?!??!?!

  • !?!?

  • Hey Ben is the first prank actually real?

  • I feel so bad for Brent

  • I love you❤. Ben

  • Wiy do you allwaz get in the car

  • Holly. Shit

  • Hi ben

  • Hi

  • Done

  • This Video is awesome I love it soo much I am a ig fan your the best Lexi and ben

  • Lexi's birthday is at the last day do the year December 31

  • I think you should do a prank on your friends so say SHUT UP to your mom for 24 hours

  • I watch carta share an here’s one of his friends

  • Me:I think everyone has had nutella Ben we have this chocolate nutella fudge stuff Me:....

  • 7:30 Ben: Lexi i am a boy your don’t have a sister. Lexi: I don’t care get a wig from my cabinet

  • Hi Ben I like I Phone 11 please I want it done

  • I feel sooo bad for lexi id cry to

  • Why is Eva not in your vids!

  • The headphones one was 2019

  • 4:16 what the f*ck

  • Stfstrfftdo Hi Ball cell bye

  • It was very 😄 😄😁😁😆😆 funny

  • Happy bday Lexi from the thing

  • Love your vids

  • #breva

  • done

  • I Literally Love It When Lexi R Says "Oh My Gawd" It's So Cute!!.

  • I thought you said I am eating Brent for lunch lol

  • 3:04 voice crack from lexi

  • Bald Ben

  • Ben that’s mest up like Lexi I am here for you

  • P can you be

  • Ben you look like Mr. Clean

  • This is the best video ever!

  • Qqq

  • Poor ben 😞😞

  • U do actually look like megermind

  • BRO BRO he is gonna freak out when u put up pictures of Ava

  • I feel so bad for ben.😔

  • You are a good person i love it when you help athers.

  • so good

  • omg the girls pranked u

  • 8:25 that's scripted i knowwwww like if you think tooo but i laugh soooo much 😂

  • You said lexi

  • Why is brent so strat up ruuude

  • Can I get on

  • I love your vids 😍 the thing in your nose is very fuffy

  • Done

  • 2:41 Her face is priceless 😂 I feel so bad for her 😔 💙💙

  • Omg brents "poop" is awesome

  • si si si si oi oi ai

  • ka ie oi a e bat ma

  • ka los ke a

  • Love from India Ben❤️

  • DONE

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hahahahahaha😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • I dUnOo 🙄take an English class Lexi lol that must be soo embarrassing g

  • Lexi ha sa vocabulary of a 3 year old during the bday prank

  • I dunoo

  • OMG WT

  • O

  • did anybody know that id you put a underscore in front and behind of your text like this: _ With Out The Spaces In between _ Your text will be like this? _When i say like this i mean like THIS!_

  • Been talking to your ex girlfriend stop ignoring her and that's really rude if you don't know that by fact I've only 7 years old you should know this by now you should know this already

  • Done

  • omg brent's room



  • Lexi stop screaming

  • hahahahaha ben you got lexi good hahahahahahahaha, bot i like lexi she is so good dancing tik tok i like your dance and you ben you er so good to bakflip and i like you

  • The miscreant alcohol electrophysiologically snatch because toast optically save unto a drunk carpenter. vagabond, sparkling ketchup

  • Ben the girls are ganna prank you at the cops

  • Ben ur so funny!

  • Done

  • What did you mean from team rare